Time to wish him luck... maybe?

My husband hasn't loved his job for awhile now and has an interview with a new company this afternoon. The new job would come with a new schedule that I'm not crazy about so I'm feeling conflicted. On one hand, I really want him to be happy with the work he is doing because I know it would be good for him... so I hope he gets it... on the other hand, getting the job means I would be on my own with the kids much more frequently... so the selfish part of me hopes he doesn't get it and stays where he is.

how do you react when you know something will be good for someone else, but it might not be so great for you?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    I know what you mean Beth. That's such a tough one. Ed works all day and is on call 24/7 with only one weekend off per month. It's so hard to not ask him if we can use that weekend to do something for us because he has so many projects going on all the time. I know that working our tails off will pay off in the long run but I feel like we're so busy that we miss family time.

    I try to look at it this way. We're one now. What benefits him benefits me and Charlie either directly or indirectly. That unconditional love that I have from him is returned to him by me wanting him to be happy.
    The funny thing is that he's actually on a crazy schedule right now and this would take him to a normal schedule!! But crazy works for where we are in life right now... normal will work too, but not as well ;)
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