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Hey my name is Carissa and I am a mommy of 3 weeks! My friend Cassieinvited me to this site and it seems super interesting! I love listening to what you all say! I am at home now till my 6 weeks is up and then I go back to work and a month later school :/ I have two more years till I become a teacher for middle school and I can't wait! I love kids so much and helping them learn is such a beautiful thing, no matter what age. I also have a "step daughter" who I love very much and she is 5! I hope to have good conversations on here with you other mommies! :)

    Awww. Welcome! And congrats on becoming a new mommy!! Hope you make lots of new friends on here!! I love this site its so amazing!!
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    A new mother of a sweet little boy and a step mother to a cute little girl of 5 years! I love them both!