Baby's Due Dates

Was your baby on time, early or late? Besides your OB, did anyone make any predictions about your baby's arrival and were they correct?

I met with a Reiki healer, and she said she got muscle readings that my baby is arriving last week of July or possibly 1st week of August. She said that when we first communicated, she had a strong impression that the baby would be born in July and that she's unsure if there are 1 or 2 babies.

Ultrasounds are pretty accurate these days in finding out how many babies so I'm safe to assume that I'm having 1 baby. At my first baby shower, my sister in law who is also known for her shamanistic healing traits also stated I would have a July baby and would possibly be born by mid July. She measured the distance of my belly button to the top of my pubic area. These predictions remind me those fun, folk tale stories. Sometimes they come true and others, it's just a way to lighten the situation.

    Nikki Hicks
    My oldest came out at 38 weeks, my middle one came out at 37 weeks and my youngest came out at 39 weeks (:
      My baby came 5 wks early. We were surprised.
        Genevievemandy AlcurriedeMorton
        Well,I'am 39 weeks and still waiting,I' am afraid to go anywhere because of the sudden birth that could happen anytime,this is my first one.I' am really a nervous wreck,the only time that I can relax is when I' am in this site.Thanks guys.
        Don't worry labor doesn't start right away besides it isnt that bad there's splashing of alot of water ...I personally had time to take a shower before going to the hospital ..try to relax it helps and do get the epidural before 5 cm dilated cux otherwise they won't give it to u advice is.sleep at u can because u won't be getting sleep for the first few months ...good luck with ur labor
          My daughter came 10 days after her due date.
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