Did any of you switch to formula bc you didnt enjoy it?

My little guy is 3 weeks and nurses every 2 hours for at least an hour each time. I rarley have a minute to myself let alone to spend with my other son who is two. I feel like a bad mom for wanting to switch,but i also feel bad if i dont since i rarely play with my oldest., Any feed back would be nice.just stressed about making the decision

    Don't feel bad! We're lucky to live in a day where we even have choices! I hated breastfeeding at first. Seriously, It sucked and I felt like a bad mom because I didn't like it. Every night I would pump a bottle that my husband could give Avery and it was my favorite part of the day! I only had to pump for like 15min rather then nursing for 45. That break helped me to keep my sanity until she started nursing less frequently. Formula wasn't an option for us because we really couldn't afford it.

    3 weeks is a common time for a growth spurt so he may calm down in a week or so and nurse less often. His stomach will get bigger so he can hold more milk without having to nurse again. He also may be comfort nursing. If he's not swallowing (watch his jaw to see) you could probably pull him off so he doesn't nurse a full hour.

    No matter what you decide don't feel bad. Nursing is hard and as moms we have to pick our battles :)
      I did! With Mason I didn't enjoy pumping at work - it ended up being more stressful for me than it was beneficial for anyone. I struggled with the decision, but decided to switch to formula. Do what is best for your family!!
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