Is your house too clean?

I saw this article on the Parents Magazine Blog and couldn't pass it up. Any thing that give me an excuse NOT to clean sounds good to me :)

A new study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that exposing babies to things like cat dander, bacteria, and other pathogens significantly reduces the risk of allegies or asthma. The catch is it has to be BEFORE AGE ONE. Keeping a baby in a sanitary bubble up until then and then letting them be exposed actually increases the likelihood of developing allergies. Kids who weren't exposed before their first birthday were three times more likely to have allergies or asthma.

The researchers think exposure decreases risk because it gives the baby's immune system something real to fight, rather then freaking out over something harmless like peanuts.

I'm pretty sure they're not advocating letting your house fall to filth, but letting your little baby get a little dirty is good for them. Don't worry about vacuuming or sweeping too much and don't freak out if their pacifier touches the floor :)

I'm not the best housekeeper so I think I'm well on my way to preventing allergies in Avery, LOL.

What do you think about letting your babies get a little dirty?

    I just clean-house no matter what! I believe that it is true that if you expose your child to many different things they won't treat them as foreign agents, this not only works with food it works with just about everything, the more transparent we are with everything (food, people, life, death) the more understanding we become, including our systems. I tried shiitake mushrooms for the first time two years ago and my body fought them I broke out in two in diameter horizontal welts from head to toe. In was an awful reality for me, well something good came out of I guess, that was when I found out that I was allergic to benedril so I just avoid so many foods that I have never tried see what I mean new phobias.....
      So dust is our friend afterall. :)
        My girl is rolling on the carpet all day,she is 9 months has never been sick yet.This past week I realize my house hasn't gotten deep cleaned since I got pregnant,didn't want to use to much harsh products to protect the baby.I'm still have to be careful about what to use and I'm deep cleaning the old dust from corners between the walls and the carpet.That is my focus,everything else around the house is ok,if I don't want to keep her in a bubble,lol
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