Who says God has no sense of humor?

So... my period was late this month. We aren't using birth control but last month I started tracking dates so we can do things naturally. I've been spacey. Totally my fault that I just didn't pay attention so that led me to go by a test today. 10 days late was enough for me.

Came home, took test. Started period.

That is exactly how it happened. And it was right away. I started before the test was even finished.

Well played God. Well played.

    Oh, God has the ULTIMATE sense of humour, I find...
      oh man. What wonderful (or horrible?) timing!
        I take full responsibility for it. I tracked my period last month, didn't even pay attention to when I could be fertile. I have every excuse in the book as to why I didn't. I just didn't.

        We'd be okay with another kid. We know we want another but it just wouldn't be okay right this second because I just had Charlie 6 months ago. I'm worried about not being healed up yet.

        All that aside... ha. ha. ha. God owes me 10 bucks..lol
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