My brother and I were both home-schooled and we got more out of it then most people. We didn't just read about places to go in the world we went there. Like yellow stone park,New york city,The grand canyon.Mount Rushmore. Not everyone can say they have been all over. My brother and I have been across the United states over 18 times.

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    that's incredible. What a wonderful experience for you! Can I ask what your parents did for a living? I would love to give my kids those kind of experiences but it would mean taking off work and having the money to afford it - it's a huge commitment and not a cheap endeavor!
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      We use to try to go to a new place each year until we started farming. Now we are pretty much at home. Our children loved to travel. You can learn a lot by doing and seeing new places and I think the lessons stick so much better.
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