Bike helmets for Tiny Tots

Avery got a bike trailer for her birthday and I'm SUPER excited about it. I love to bike and we have a lot of stuff to bike to. The problem is Avery is TINY. Her head size is like 45-46cm even though she's a year old. We checked all the bike shops and even the infant ones only go down to 48cm, that's about an inch too big. We bought a super pricey adjustable one from Bookoo bikes and it fit, but the adjustable part left a 3 inch gap in the back of the helmet. When she sits in the trailer it forces her head to tilt forward so she can't look around. Not to mention the adjustable part is only held on my Velcro so I doubt it would actually stay on in a real accident.... we returned it...

I looked online and found Lazer BOB (baby on board) helmets that are especially made for kids in bike trailers. It says it goes down to 46cm so I ordered it but it makes me nervous that we couldn't try it on. Hopefully it will work!

Do you use a bike trailer with your kids? How did you find them a helmet?

    We do, but our kids have GIANT heads, so it's not an issue. Hayden fits in the infant one, Audrey in a child one and Mason is already in an adult helmet! EEK!
      8Theresa Gould
      We only had helmets for some of them and now they don't even use their bikes. So I'm not much help.
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