UTI symptoms in pregnancy

Having a UTI during pregnancy that has no symptoms is common. Your doctor will test your urine on a regular basis and prescribe you antibiotics if you have a positive test for bacteria.

Typical UTI symptoms are:
- Pain with urination
- Burning with or after urination
- Feeling like you have to pee right after you finished peeing
- Blood in your urine
- Pus in your urine

A UTI can cause complications with your pregnancy so it is important to get treatment for a UTI from your doctor. If you doctor prescribes antibiotics it is important to take all of them and not stop early because your symptoms have disappeared. Make sure you drink plenty of water and empty your bladder frequently.

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    Great point, Katie!! It's also important to remember to call your doctor anytime you think you may be experiencing a UTI - pregnant or not!
      8Theresa Gould
      Good information. I think I only ever experienced the start of a UTI and DiGize essential oil or cranberry juice has warded it off.
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