When did you start producing milk when pregnant

Your breasts are fully capable of making milk at week 16 of your pregnancy. Some women will experience leaking, drips or dry crust on their nipples. Some women will not have any leaking at all until after birth. Both situations are completely normal and you don't need to worry.

It is important not to pump or remove milk during pregnancy. There is no reason to remove milk, your body will have plenty once your baby is born. Pumping or removing milk during pregnancy can also trigger you to go into preterm labor and put your baby at risk.

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    Great advice! I can attest to the fact that pumping can cause contractions... Audrey nursed through my pregnancy with Hayden and whenever she did I would get some MAJOR contractions. The last few weeks were torture!
      8Theresa Gould
      Good information. I only ever saw colostrum, unless I was nursing through a pregnancy.
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