Helping a toddler gain weight

The only reason a toddler needs to gain weight is if your doctor has told you there is an issue with their growth. A child that suddenly drops to a lower percentile in weight may not be getting the proper nutrition to develop. If you are told to help you child gain or maintain their weight here are some tips.

- Small meals more often. Don't force your baby to eat a ton in one sitting, this can be very stressful and cause serious issues with their concept of food. Instead, offer healthy snacks more often if you don't think they're eating enough at meals.

- HEALTHY high calorie food. Avocados, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, quinoa, whole fat dairy, and olive oils are nutritious ways to add calories to your toddler's diet. Don't go stuffing them with McDonald's just to put on a few pounds...

- Don't panic! Be patient with your toddler. A child's stomach is only about the size of their fist. Even a half of a banana could fill them up. Don't force them to eat more, instead reward them for what they did eat and offer a good variety so you know they're getting enough nutrients.

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    These are great tips Taylor. I have small children, but not dangerously small. I completely agree with everything you said, and just want to reiterate the last point!! Toddler tummies are tiny, just because it doesn't look like they ate a lot doesn't mean they aren't full! Small meals and lots of snacks will help get more calories into your child without making it an unpleasant experience for both of you.
      8Theresa Gould
      Good tips. I've never had to worry about helping my toddlers gain weight, thankfully.
        I agree with everybody.. But my son, Deakin, hasn't gained weight in 4 yrs. aand we tried everything from shakes to adding meals and calories. Finally, the Pediatrician decided to run tests and sent us to a Endocrinologist and he has to start using a growth hormone. So as I agree with everybody's suggestions if the problem persists please ask your Pediatrician to test their ICF hormone levels.
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