Light pink spotting during pregnancy

Light pink spotting during pregnancy is a sign that you have a tiny amount of blood in your vaginal discharge. It is nothing to be alarmed about but it should be mentioned to your doctor. Two common causes for pink spotting are vaginal or cervical irritation from sex or cervical exams or bacterial infection in the vagina.

If the spotting increases, you have bright red blood or any other symptoms that concern you, be sure to give your doctor a call.

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    I know all too well how scary it can be. I spotted almost my entire pregnancy with Audrey with no other complications. I was in close contact with my doctor throughout my pregnancy because of the spotting, and was warned to go straight to the ER if it ever got worse. Thankfully, it was just light pink or sometimes dark brown (old blood) spotting the entire time.
    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah that only happened in my first pregnancy. Thereafter, any sign of blood, pink or otherwise, was a sign of a pending miscarriage.
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