Best gifts to mom from daughter

Besides all the personal notes and homemade cards, the best gift I received from my daughters was a sewing basket that they bought with their own birthday or Christmas gift cards. Not so much for the basket itself but their selflessness in using their own birthday or Christmas money.

What has been your best gift from your daughter?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    That is amazing!!

    Audrey can't really take credit for this, but for awhile now we have been doing the little "I love you" fingers sign to each other. She doesn't do it correctly which makes me love it even more and it has become a special thing between the two of us. For mother's day, she got me a charm for my pandora bracelet that is the I love you fingers. I smile anytime it catches my eye and think about her little fingers and her own little special signal :)
      my oldest two came up with a poem on their own, it was beautiful
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