Farming using draft horses

Today seven of the children and I went to a CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training - of which we are members) field day at a fellow farmer's to learn about how he utilizes draft horses instead of tractors and petroleum. It is fascinating! I would love to learn how to do this, so would two of my daughters. It's hubby we'd have to convince since he prefers a tractor! ;)

We watched "L" use the horses to load hay on his hay wagon. He has a have a hay loader attached to the wagon, which is all pulled (or pushed really) by the horses. He fit a lot of hay on the wagon! I'll post a photo in Moms Moments in a few minutes.

It was a fun day. Just sad hubby had to stay home to care for the animals. Gotta figure something out so we can leave more than an hour! Our oldest was engrossed in school work since she is studying for her SAT and ACT to take in the fall, on top of regular studies; so she was unavailable to take care of all the animals.

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