What time do your kiddos usually wake up?

During the school year my kids are up very early. Mini is up by 6 am and Bub is up at 7 am. During the summer though they sleep in quite a bit!

Mini was an early riser when she was little though. Bub has never been an early riser.

How about your kiddos?

    8Theresa Gould
    I have a son who is up at 6am or so. He's ten and will immediately go out and feed and check the chickens waterers. The rest slowly follow him. Our girls have to be up shortly before 7am for milking. 8am in sleeping in around here! Mine have always been early risers. I use to use that to my advantage and get a walk in first thing or else it would never get done. I need to get back to that!
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