Any positive induction stories??

Went to the doctor today and was told that I FINALLY started dilating---1 cm though :/ and that my cervix is 70% effaced. I am scheduled for an induction on Thursday (going to be doing some walking and such to see if i can get this working on its own). So I have been having people say "DON'T GET INDUCED!" "I HAD A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH INDUCTION" I have been hearing this since before today. Are there any induction stories that are more on the positive side out there? With all this negativity, I have definitely become even more scared than what I already was.. If there is a semi-positive story out there, please share

    Of course you are nervous! I think most of us are when we know we are giving birth to a small person out of our... I don't even want to think about it, haha.

    I was induced with my daughter. It wasn't terrible, honestly. I did vomit during transition but I don't know if that was the pitocin or just my body. I wasn't really dilated at all when I had the cervadil put in the night before and I was at a 3 the next morning. Induction started around 10 AM and I had her at 5:30 PM. Only maybe two hours of that was hard labor pains, but nothing so unbearable that I couldn't handle it.

    It will be okay, your body can handle a whole lot more than what you could possibly imagine.
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