..probably not.

At 2 months old, Monroe was eating every 2-3 hours.. but every 1, all day, that is not normal.. I would check with your doctor, the baby's doctor, re-evaluate your supply or how much you are giving them. At times, babies do through cluster feedings, so for a few days, that might be normal, but across the board, eating every hour really isn't something that should be happening.

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    This is almost (and by almost I mean it is) embarrassing to admit... Audrey did this for MONTHS and I thought nothing of it and just fed her every single time. Around when she was 5-6 months old we found out she had silent reflux because her pediatrician happened to catch us in the middle of a feeding and noticed some signs. Essentially, she would eat all the time because she didn't understand the difference between hunger and pain from reflux. I didn't know either, so I just fed her each time she got fussy... which was a lot!!
      Tristen did that for the first three months...we checked with his doctor and there was nothing wrong hes just a little piggy :-) lol
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