I want to spread the word about what is making us sick!

Educate yourself about the toxin and chemicals we are been expose on a daily basis. Do you know that an unborn child has over 200 chemicals already in their blood thanks to the parents exposure to every day chemicals. Did you know that in the USA we have over 80,000 chemicals that are unregulated and that we use over 100,000 chemicals in our daily products consumption that has been banned in Europe and Asia. Education is a most!

What you don't know can and it kill you too! The State of Minnesota banned triclosan an ingredient in sanitizers and on some body cleaning products because their State is Number One in cases of Autism in the US! Just saying, educate your self do not conform without asking questions. Why do we need this or that chemical in my products? A little bit of Autism or a bit lower IQ in my grandkids from something I can prevent is not good enough for me. Like Autism, there are other illnesses at rates higher than ever. Do you know of anyone that do not have at least one friend or a love one that develop cancer in the last 2 year. I grew up not knowing anyone with cancer until I was in my late 20's. You?

FDA have about 80,000 chemicals that are not regulated, we also have over 100,000 chemicals that we use on a daily basis that are ban in Europe and Asia. Yet China can develop those products with those chemicals and send them to us because they are not regulated here but yet they don't use them. Fruit for thought!
Specially when they are options!!
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I am a mother of four and a grandma of eleven beautiful angels. I am a grandma with an agenda. To free our children of harmful chemicals and toxin currently in all our homes. The odds of having healthy children and adults are against us!
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