How to stop a baby from crying?

Figure out what he/she needs!! There's a usual check list that will almost always get baby to stop crying.

Diaper?-babies don't like dirty diapers! How would you feel with crap in your undies?
Tummy?- When's the last time they ate? They're hungry!!!
Tired?- Did they sleep through the night? When was their last nap? How long? Droopy eyes? Eye rubbing? Yawning? It's bed time!!
Over/under stimulated? What's going on around the house? Too much? Not enough?

Maybe they just want your lovin's and kisses. Babies crave touch and attention!! Any of these are a really high possibility of what's wrong and always works for my Lucas. :)

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    Babies cry for several reasons. Sometimes they are hungry, sometimes they need to have their diaper changed, and then there will be times when you have tried everything and they will be inconsolable. Normally, under these circumstances I would suggest taking the baby's temperature. If you don't have a thermometer just take your hand cross the baby's forehead to see if its hot. Even if the baby does have a temp it may just be that the baby is cutting a tooth. If the baby is hot or warm to the touch I would suggest that you give the baby some infants Tylenol. The dose to give the baby depends on the baby's weight. Go by the weight the child weighed at your last exam at the pediatrician's office.
      Great tips, I had a check list and it always worked. Now she is old enough to let me know what she is needing
        Great advice! I tried the let them cry it out bit, but it didn't work it just made them stronger criers, like they were on a crying-treadmill or something, making them cry stronger and stronger! Louder and louder when all else failed I would lay them down in their cribby making sure they were safe and go in the next room and turn on my BOSE I would play The Big-Payback by James Brown as loud as I could they would stop crying almost instantly! Foolish baby! Even they knew that their cries were no match for the KING! HaHa I would go over to the crib and they would be looking at me in shock. Eyes like saucers!
          Lovin' and kisses is my favorite fix!
            Bethany Reilly
            Definitely will need to remember this when baby number 2 arrives!
              Hold him or feed him. Then go down the list. He usually just needs attention and most of us.
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