Very proud moment

So today my husband and i had his grandpas memorial service and little get together so we couldnt make it to haiden first tball practice.
So my mom took the boys and haiden down too it.
And i am so proud of my son as it finally stuck in his head on sportmenship and winning. An ex friend of mines son is on his team. This boys has a selfish issue and thinks only of himself and is not around kids much and his moms not in his life much. This boy told my son that he is going to win and beat haiden. Haiden looked at him and said his name and said winning is not important is about having fun. The coach then asked if anyone had any questions and haiden asked the coach if its about having fun and not winning. The coach looked shocked and said very good question and your right haiden. So very proud of him and he is only 6.

And then mom told me that vince was acting funny and thinks he might be sick. He threw up three times and only drank 3oz all together. He was whiney but no fever and still was happy.
I checked on him and he was sleeping, but no fever. So not sure if he was overtired, sick, or teething or just not hungry and he ate to much at dinner time. At least he has a 9month check up tomorow so we will see how big he is and if he is sick. I will bring it up.

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