Oh, hi there Pre-Eclapmsia. Could have lived without knowing you, no offence

So I've spent the last day and bits of the weekend anticipating induction for what appeared to be pre-eclampsia, and after 24 hour uine collection, turned out to be exactly that... only I wasn't induced, but sent home.

For anyone that might go through this altogether not pleasant experience, be prepared for doctors that get on your nerves and make you feel like you are making a mountain out of a molehill. I got to the ER/L& D (I don't know about other places, but at my hospital, you go through the ER to get to L&D) and they acted like "your blood pressure is high? How would you know that?" As if WalMart doesn't have machines, and there's not a such thing as home blood pressure devices either. Luckily, though my blood pressure came down after a few hours, it did remain high long enough to proove I wasn't crazy or lying or anything. After going home, with instructions to come back if I have facial swelling, and then going back for facial swelling, I was still treated like I shouldn't have come in or was there for no reason. I don't know how many times the nurses flippantly said "eh, it's 140's/90's" as if this was totally normal. Note: 140/90 is what they say to call in for and call dangerous. I have had friends induced for 141/91 before. so some number in that range freaks me out. But, whatever. They took frequent readings and had me do the 24 hour urine test. And lo and behold, yup. I have pre-eclampsia, and my doctr sent me home at 38w5d because reportedly she's concerned about my gestational diabetes meaning poor lung function. Cause lung fucntion, although serious, appearently trumps both mom and baby's health.

I guess I'm pushign for induction tomorrow. Didn't want to... but I'm not comfortable waiting on induction anyways with somethine as very unstable as pre-e :/

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