Morning Sickness in 3rd Trimester

As my brother say 'normal is in the eyes of the beholder'... What is normal for one person, may not be normal another. What is normal for one pregnancy, may not be normal for the next. I have figured out that if I try to eat what I'm craving, my morning sickness wasn't NEAR as bad, but that last two pregnancies is has gotten increasingly worse and lasted longer.. Coincidentally, the last two pregnancies the babes have come out with hair.. I believe the old wives' tale now. :) Papaya Enzyme, Morning Ease from Solar Ray (I find it at natural food stores) and crackers-LOTS of crackers.

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    Mine keeps getting worse. For the first three it was pretty much the same foods I had to avoid.. But for Grace I was craving milk the entire pregnancy and spicy food.. And she came out with a full head of hair after nine months of plugging my nose to make my hubby eggs for breakfast.
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