I started my weekly preE visits this week!

I started my weekly visits for preeclampsia this week. They done an NST and BBP and anatomy scan on me plus my regular visit. I am 29 weeks 5 days today. I am measuring 30 weeks and 5 days. Baby weighs 3lbs and 9oz.

They done the NST which was hooking me up to a machine and having me push a button every time I felt movement. While they watched her heart rate and watched for contractions.

Then they done the BBP which is an u/s that checks for the baby practicing breathing on its own. She was :)

My doctor sent me home with the 24 hr urine test to start on Thursday and to bring back on Friday morning. At which time I will also do blood work for preE.
I should get those on my appointment on Monday. Which we will repeat all tests again.

She did inform me that if my protein goes up to 1,000 then I will be hospitalized until delivery. If it gets to 5,000 I will deliver. If it stays below 400 which is where it was on my first 24 urine then she will keep her in until 37 weeks but no longer. So ... Now its a waiting game to see what my body is going to do.

Rhonda WarrenCharlestown, Indiana
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    Rhonda Warren
    Me too! Cannot wait to see what they are on Monday. That will be a clue as to how it is going. As to whether or not its going up or not.
      I really hope everything turns out okay for you and baby!! That is so scary! Fingers crossed for you!
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