Poor Nina-Bean

Nina's been unreasonable all day so far...I don't know how much she realizes is going on, with her daddy gone for deployment. I mean, she is just 1, so she probably doesn't understand at all. Last night was a very long night at the air port, surrounded by other soldiers/sailors and their friends/families, all in the same boat as us: Their husband/son/brother/father/friend was leaving them for who knows how long. No one was particularly happy, and it was a long wait for the plane to be ready. We were there well past Nina's bed time, and we weren't letting her run around or try to get into people's stuff like she wanted to. She crashed as soon as I tucked her in when she and I got home.

Usually he's at home right now for his lunch break and we'd be playing chase or something, but ofc he's not today. Usually he tells her "Good Morning, Nina-bean" every day and gives her a hug before leaving for work. This morning, there was no good morning hug from daddy. This morning, there's been no real happiness from mommy, either. So she's descended into a state of being unreasonable and looking confused. Her routine's been upset in the ways that involve daddy.

I want to be selfish and just let her play by herself so I can just sit here and mope, but I can't do that. She looks so sad. So I have to make myself pretend to be happy and play with her and, even though she doesn't understand yet, I tell her that Daddy'll be back, he just has to go to work for a longer time this time...I know she doesn't understand what I'm saying, but it makes me feel better to say it to her. Like, I'm at least trying to reassure her. Maybe at least my tone of voice would help. Who knows. Right now, she's down for a nap, so I've got some "Me Time", and I'm just so down right now, lol...of course, the sudden visit from a certain unwelcome aunt might also be affecting my mood quite a bit.

Today's not even half over, and I'm already so tired.

    Aww poor thing! And poor Mommy. I can't imagine how hard this must be on all of you. It is hard to explain things to them when you know they don't understand. You're doing great though, she will get used to her new routine soon.
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