Coping with divorce, let yourself grieve but not forever.

In the first few weeks after I moved away from my now ex husband I am pretty sure I survived off of pure anger. Towards him, towards myself and towards the situation. This was a good thing but while I was feeling all mad at the world there was no room to process and get over it. And I don't care WHO you are, when you divorce you have to process it. Even if you were doing the happy dance all of the way out of the door you will have days where it makes you sad.

So, let yourself grieve. It doesn't mean you want the situation back, it just means that you recognize that a dream you had for your life isn't ever going to happen. Or if you are still in love grieve for your broken heart, it's more than okay to recognize your own pain.

They say divorce is a lot like death in the way we grieve. Those steps, I think there's six of them? Bargaining, anger, fear, acceptance... something like that? Eventually you have to reach acceptance. It may take you a month, a year or ten years but you truly need to reach that point. And I don't mean just accepting that it is over. I mean accepting the next phase of your life as well, whatever that may include.

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