Eating Better Sucks lol

It is so hard to try to eat right when you're a meatatarian, such as myself lol. I crave substance! I need more than a measely bowl of soup for a meal! If anyone knows of a protein and carbs diet, let me know because I can't take this foo foo veggies and grains thing. It doesn't hold me over at all! Maybe I should be in some extreme sport that lets me eat like 6000 calories a day because I'm gonna burn it all off playing that sport. Like swimming. I'll take up swimming. I'll take up anything if it means I can eat more!!!

I'm tempted to check them out, soon. I've been told about them but we haven't been here long, lol. I'm not comfortable riding with a bike trailer that carries Nina while on the bike lanes in the street...I've seen how people drive! That's why the sidewalks and parks are nice. Back in missouri, we always rode a bike path that went through neighborhoods, a golf course, some connected like 4 parks. I wish we had one like that here!
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