We're the class of 6+9

So looks like some more kids are in trouble for being.. well kids.

Now I know the sexual innuendo is there but for crying out loud, this one to me is just not a big deal. It's a juvenile play on words (or numbers), not something worthy of punishment in my eyes.

“The girls are hot. The boys are fine. We’re the class of 6 + 9.” is too racy? Yes or no? Check out the link below for the whole story.


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    I agree. And honestly, the 6+9 thing wasn't the worst part. Simply saying "the girls are hot, the boys are fine" already relays to everyone that all you care about in school is hot girls and fine boys! School should be about more than that stuff but people just keep saying, "teens will be teens." but where do we draw the line? When are they no longer being just teens and being inappropriate. They need to be taught that some things are just wrong. There is no gray area. It's just wrong. Period.
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