Do you have a best friend? How about your kids?

How long have you known them? How did you meet them? Do they have kids too, and if so do your kids hang out together? Have you ever fought with them?

Same question about your kids, do they have best friends? How long have they known them and how well do they get along?

Do you think the way you carry friendships, especially close ones, has an effect on your child(ren)?

    I had a best friend for 15 years then I had my daughter and now we don't hang or talk any more. I'e been trying to make new friends with kids too but it's not easy.
      I really only have one friend. All my other "friends" and my "best friend" of 20+ years abandoned me once I got engaged and started a family. I've known my friend for a little over a year. We live across the street from each other and talk almost every day. We are pretty close and loyal friends and our kids are friends. I hope it stays this way for a long time.
        My husband and I are the type of couple that doesn't really have friends, we stick with eachother and its been like that for years and years. since the day we started dating. In the last year we have made really good friends with a couple that both work at my work, and live less than 5 minutes away. They have a 10 yr old and 2 yr old. The 2 year old Allison is my almost 3 year olds best friend. We watch eachother daughters and when we go out together we have the babysitter watch the girls together., They have the same lifestyle we do and we have become best friends. Its an all around great situation.
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