Mildly Accomplished

Despite feeling like poo today, and Nina's original unhappiness this morning, I decided I didn't wanna keep least not until later, lol. So I got off my butt and did some stuff!

~Dishes (we don't have a dishwasher so that all had to be hand-washed...annoying)
~Laundry (Folded old clean stuff, washed & dried dirty stuff, put away new clean stuff)
~Took out all trash
~Paid power bill
~Vacuumed every room
~Scrubbed bathroom & kitchen floor
~Scrubbed Entryway
~Straightened Nina's Room
~Ordered Nina's new toddler bed, alphabet play mat, and some other toys
~Scrubbed high chair
~Scrubbed bath tub
~Cleaned kitchen counters
~went on a bike ride with Nina

And now it's shower time and then some grocery shopping!
Cleaning is a weird way of coping...but it seems to work.

    8Theresa Gould
    I'd say you were mighty productive today Morgan Hall! Hope you have a relaxing evening!
    Not as accomplished anymore, lol...I had kinda perked up, til my husband started texting me. He passed through Portugal, Italy, and Greece today on his flight path of air ports...he said he missed me and we both got all sad. Now I'm just sitting here with a headache and feelin down, and now I'm trying not to cry thinking about it again, lol. Might go to bed early, once Nina's down in a little under an hour.
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