Breastfeeding in public

So I'm no longer breastfeeding but there is a lot of talk on my fb about mothers breastfeeding there child in public. Should you put a blanket over you while feeding your baby in public or just do the natural thing? When I was breastfeeding In public I would use a very light blanket. But when I was at my house I didn't use anything and the people that came over didn't have to look I was just doing the natural thing. But what are your thoughts?

    I think you should be able to do what's comfortable for you, regardless of others' comfort if you're in public. What if you had no choice but to do it in public or a gross public bathroom? I never BF in public, I wasn't comfortable enough to do that. I always rushed home when it was time to feed her, or later, I started pumping so I carried extra with me in a cooler bag with ice packs.
      I breastfeed at home and in public, I don't use a cover, I did at first use a light blanket but as she got older she would pull it off. You can't see much with my shirt drapped over her face as she nurses and i'm not shy either.
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