What to do if toddler is not eating any vegetables

Unfortunately, it's a pretty common trouble moms face when their toddler is not eating any vegetables. I may not have a toddler, but I know lots of tricks for this one because my husband who is 25 often won't eat his vegetables either, lol! He'd go straight carnivore if he could.

Something I was surprised to learn is that many kids stop liking/eating vegetables when they are a toddler, even if they ate them as a baby. Anybody know why that is?

One thing that gets my husband to eat his vegetables is fixing them different ways. It's not the flavor for him so much as it is the texture, something I think plenty of toddlers also experience. If they're mushy, he'll only eat them disguised in much flavorful sauce like curry. He'll also eat them in spaghetti sauce or taco meat.

That's one way I get in some nutrition and make my meat go a lot further, especially if I'm freezer cooking. Mince all sorts of veggies, even stuff that doesn't 'go' in the recipe... onions, peppers, celery, carrots, mushrooms, even broccoli stems... basically anything I have in the freezer. I put about as much veggies as I do ground meat when I cook it to get double the portion. Then I separate it up to put in recipes... Works in enchiladas, spaghetti sauce, especially taco meat. I don't even notice the flavor.

You can also try pureeing them and putting them in any sort of sauce, some stronger smoothies, blended with applesauce to mask the flavor.

You can use avocados as an egg substitute in just about anything—cake, brownies, bread, meatloaf, whatever. Adds a little boost of nutrition and healthy fats great for brain development.

Sometimes crunchy veggies go over better than cooked ones, plus they're more nutritious. Try cooking them 'al dente' by sauteeing (especially with coconut oil—super healthy!) Even just steaming them lightly will work with a tasty sauce or plain. Raw veggies work too... That's one of the only waysmy husband will eat them.

I also found a recipe a long time ago for spinach brownies! Sounds gross, but it went over pretty well. Just make sure you let them cool well so the spinach flavor disappears.

This isn't the recipe I used, but mmmm peanut butter, lol! http://brooklynfarmgirl.com/2013/08/20/chocolate-…

You can also try cutting them into fun shapes. Lots of kids books have different 'fun' shaped meals including vegetables. Could even just use cookie cutters... Or try some raw vegan recipes. Just might work if it looks like another food, say, spaghetti. Amazon has spiral slicers for cheap and you can put a cucumber or zuchinni or carrot in it and it makes 'noodles' from the veggie. I think it's totally neat and I really want one, haha.

A lot of toddlers love dip too. Try making a yummy dip from avocados or greek yogurt and ranch mix. Let them dip away knowing it's healthy and good for 'em!

And if nothing works, try juicing fresh veggies. No fiber, but still pretty nutritious! Especially if you put citrus, you can mask a lot of veggie flavors with fruit juice from a juicer.

Oooh, and I just remembered... Cauliflower mashed 'potatoes'... just use steamed cauliflower in place of that potatoes. Garlic, butter, mmmmm. White beans work deliciously too.

How do you get your toddlers (or husband, lol) to eat vegetables?

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      Cheese. Sad but true--Maddie's especially picky about veggies right now, so cheese topping is the way we go. Thanks for this list of great ideas!
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