Getting Children to Read

We don't have too much problem with getting our children to read but for fun we signed up for the reading program at our library. They are offering prizes to children after 3 hours of reading. All of our children earned prizes this past week! Two of our older girls and our older boys actually accumulated 12 hours of reading! I thought that was pretty good considering all the chores and school work they have on top of everything else.

I think this is a good way to keep the children reading through the busy summer and have fun earning prizes. This is actually the first time we've ever participated in a library program.

What things do you do to get your children to read?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
8Theresa Gould
Our children are all avid readers too, but I thought for a change earning prizes would be fun. We use to buy them a new book every time they read 50 books but that dwindled away the more they read and really didn't need the incentive any more.
    Melissa Middleton
    That is what my mother did with us, and we ended up being avid readers. I prefer books over movies. :) I have fond memories of going to the library and being involved in reading programs. My mother also had us do mathematics, read history, science, and practice writing during the Summer so we were more prepared for the next grade. In her doing this, many of us were excellent students. I was reading at a high school level and doing mathematics at a Jr high level when I was in third grade. I owe this all to my mother. Reading holds many advantages. :)

    I read to my children now. I believe books are important. They, unfortunately, are being replaced by video games and movies. My husband also enjoys reading.

    This wasn't bragging; I wanted to give an example of reading. Hooray for your kids, Theresa; that is awesome!! I would be one proud Momma!
      I read to my son every night, and when he grows up if he takes after me, he will love to read.
        We have always participated in the reading program in our local area. When we lived in the town of Naperville we done the reading program my children enjoyed this so much that we done it for six years straight. This town was in Dupage county Illinois very affluent area
          Sorry pressed send too soon!?! They had such great prizes, they had the adult reading program as well, gift cards, free dinners, and everything the vendor in that area were cry generous; yet I found myself reading just for the prizes the free dinner at Maison Sabika really done it for me, lovely shrimp scampi and white wine. I checked myself one day because I was falling out of love with reading. We have not signed up for the reading program three years now we just read period my kids just enjoy reading, Theresa you made me think about those prizes I wonder what they are handing out this year:)
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