Fidgeting Kiddos!

What do you ladies think of school now days? I am in school to be a teacher and from what I have observed I never want to put my children in public schools! I loved my school when I went but I feel like they are going down hill and putting to much focus in areas that are not necessary for developing kids! In their younger years children NEED to run and play and when I went to observe at a local school for 3rd grade… every time I went, the teacher cancelled recess!! Kids were so bad during class because they all just needed to move. They sat there all day and had no time to socialize or anything… Even I had a hard time sitting still and I am an adult!! These kids need to have some activity during the day!!!

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    I freaking hate when teachers do this. My daughter had a teacher in fifth grade who did this all the time and my daughter just couldn't handle it. She has adhd and she NEEDS to be active. Hers is the inattentive type so moving around helped bring her back into focus. Without it she would just completely zone out and not take anything in. I eventually had to put it in her 504 plan that she was not to be kept out of gym or recess if the class was going because the teacher would make her stay in to do work that she needed to catch up on. It was probably the worst way she could have dealt with the situation.
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