Poor vincent

So vincent seemed happy go lucky after his dr visit this morning but boy after an hr he sure was not.
He was crying non stop, he wanted to be held and didnt want to be held, his leg was sore he would even cry just crawling. He takes any shots very serious and for a few days he acts like a crippled kid ans he is only 9months. So
So sensitve. My other two they would scream after the shots were done but by the time we left they would forget about until they looked at the bandge.
He even just cried if my husband looked at him.
So around bathtime and during bath he was much happier. But the minute bath was over he flipped out. I got him in jammies and gave him a bottle. He passed out. Laid him in bed and he has not made a peep.

So poor vince had a booster shot and he feels miserable.

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