Why am I the adult?!?

Sorry for the vent ladies but I don't know where else to go. My parents have made a long list of financial mistiakes and continue to make them. My mom is getting better but my dad sees no error in his ways. They have nothing saved for retirement and live in a house that is beyond their budget.

They run their own business and my dads computer died this week. My mom has been considering replacing her computer for a while because it getting old. And I will completely agree my dad's computer needs to be replaced pretty quickly. But I talked to my mom and she is talking to me about a model some computer guy showed her that cost $1000 and how she would really like to buy dad a computer, a laptop, and a second laptop that can go with them on trips.

I'm so tired of having these conversations. I can find them a good computer that will do all they need for under $500. At this point I'll even buy it. But they keep coming up with irresponsible plans like this and I keep looking at them digging a bigger financial hole. All I can think is at what point is this all goimng to fall on me because they've messed up so badly. And the only reason I'm financially stable is because of my husband, it certainly isn't my doing.

    I understand your situation. My mother just got a job after 15 years of not working. It's great, don't get me wrong but she thinks she hit the jackpot and blows her money constantly. She swears she has a savings account but I'm a signer and I know she's lying.

    I wish I had some advice. It's so tough when it's your parents. At their age I'm assuming sitting with them to pencil out a budget isn't going to work. I think buying anything for them is a bad idea and won't teach them a thing. I guess my only advice would be to back off and let it happen. Trust me, I know how hard that is. Mom spent all of her money last check and needed some things. I had to tell her no. It's hard. I know.
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