In addition to my previous post, my job is completely on the rocks right now. My boss was kind enough to let me go part time to be home with my son. But due to a change in policies she can't let me do that any more. My boss is being great and trying to find me alternate options. My husband is also being great, he makes enough to support us and he completely understands that I want to stay part time.

But I can't help feeling like my going part time was selfish and is now putting my family at risk. I'm guaranteed a job until the end of July and I just keep seeing the time tick away with no concrete solution.

    Your situations sound so much like mine Stacy Koenen. It's crazy.

    I worked remotely for a while when I moved up here to be with Charlie's dad, then I lost my job completely. I thought I was being such a heel for demanding that I stay home and raise my boy. Then he bought us a bigger house and I thought.. oh, great. Now he has a mortgage and here I am refusing to work.

    But.. I had to stop seeing it that way. You are doing the very best there is for your child by staying home to raise him the way you see fit. If money starts to get tight, you just give up some things. If staying home is important to you and to your husband, things like cable, a car payment, the newest tablet etc.. just don't matter anymore. We have a great house with a matching mortgage payment, but we live very simply, repurpose like crazy, recycle what we can so we can raise Charlie the way we want to.

    Feel free to msg me any time. Sounds like you and I have a lot in common!
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