Political Mommy's

I've often thought about running for a political office of some kind...we just voted on a new Mayor of our town and I seriously almost ran. If Tristen was older I probably would have. I have lived her since I was 12, except for the three years I just spent in So Cal, I grew up here and would love to see some things changed. Are there any other Mom's out there that follow politics or would like to run for office?

Oh man I sit here and yell at the tv! Lol
    I will someday. When we know where we will end up at. We are probably moving soon so that is the other thing that has stopped me for now.
    I think there are not enough Moms in politics...here we are taking care of our kids and trying to send them out in the world to be productive and yet the world they are entering into is created and run by old or older men who mostly only look out for their own agenda...it's this massive disconnect. But if we want to create a better future for kids then we need to be involved in that future and not just the present...one day...probably soon I will do it! :-)
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