When did you know you wanted kids?

I just started thinking about it myself, but I was wondering to all the moms out there, when did you know you wanted a family and kids? Did you know from early on or was it something that happened later? Was there a time when you thought that you would never have kids?

    For a long time, I never wanted to get married, never wanted kids, never even wanted a relationship (I was very depressed lol). After being with my boyfriend for a while, maybe 2 years, we had talked about the future. We both wanted a family, though not yet. We thought that maybe when we were 25 or so, that'd be a good age to start with kids. However, when we found out I was 6 months pregnant after not even being married for a full year (though we'd been together for 5, almost 6 years) we were like...Well. We -did- want kids eventually, lol. Now we both adore our daughter, and even though we had planned to have puppies and not a kid just yet in our lives, neither of us regrets it.
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