Did you have a shower for your second child

No. I only had a baby shower for my first baby. My friends and family only have a baby shower for the first baby. They feel that you should already have most of what you need for the second baby left over from the first. If the baby is a different gender they usually send present of clothes and gender specific items.

A few of my friends have had "diaper showers" or a "sprinkle" which is a way to celebrate the birth of the baby without asking people for gifts.

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    I plan on celebrating with a gender reveal party!
      Honestly I had no idea that people didn't have one for every child. A friend of mine is having her 3rd baby. I asked if she had a registry online or anything and she said that they aren't expecting gifts so she's not registering or having a party. I thought that was sad! I gave her a bunch of stuff because a baby is still a celebration and I wanted to help her out. I totally agree with Laura. I never had a shower and I probably won't if we have another baby but that's only because I don't know anyone where I live.
        Nope. I only had one with my first.
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