Nurses! Please advise!

I guess it doesn't have to be nurses... anyone who's had to give someone else a shot.

This is a bit private so I won't get into too much. But the bf has to start taking shots once a month. I went with him last month to learn how to administer the shot since it's done back near his keester and he can't see to do it himself. Anyway.. He can just go to the office to have it done every month but that means he has to pay for a visit each time, so it just works better that we do it at home.

When I was pregnant I was on insulin shots 4 times a day. So needles don't bother me... until I saw his needle. Jeepers.

It's like a pipe. It's like...pvc pipe lol. Of course I'm exaggerating but holy cow it's so much bigger than insulin needles.

So.. any tips on this? I'm sure I'll just get used to it, but any advice is appreciated.

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      8Theresa Gould
      Sorry I don't have any experience, unless livestock shots counts and even then my experience is limited to less than a single hand.
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