Missed period and negative home pregnancy

If you period is late and you have a negative pregnancy test there are many things that can be going on. You might have had an irregular cycle month and have a really long cycle for some reason, this is usually caused by late ovulation. Some women might have a hormone imbalance or have a medical condition causing them to have an irregular period. It is possible that you ovulated late and might be pregnant but not pregnant enough to get a positive test yet.

Wait a few days or a week and then test again. If you test is still negative and your period has not come yet you should consider contacting your doctor.

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    I had two negative tests until I tested positive. I was 5 days late when I took the first home pregnancy test and then about two weeks late when the next one at an actual clinic was negative. I waited an extra 9 days to test again at the clinic and it finally tested positive. I had truly believed I wasn't pregnant and that it was just a late period due to stress and just other life things that can get in the way of a period. Turns out my levels weren't high enough to test positive. Every body is different and some women I think don't always have high enough HCG levels to have a positive test in the beginning.
      been there i ended up havin a blood test done cuz no matter how many pregnancy tests i tried none would be positive but i knew i was prego even before the test so got a blood test n before i knew it they told me yes its positive
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