Worksheets for preschoolers? Some, IMO.

I don't think worksheets for preschoolers are absolutely necessary. I learned a whole lot of useless stuff and wasted an unnecessary amount of pencil lead in school via worksheets, the repetitive nature... blegh. I don't think they're always bad though, if you use them in an effective way. For example, handwriting. Tracing letters and drawing them beneath them where you have a visual cue to work from... I think that's great! Same for numbers. Math worksheets can also be helpful, because I think math is something that requires practice. And, of course, writing brings focus to the topic at hand and roots it in memory. What I'd like to use is dry erase boards... less waste! I think Theresa Gould does this?

Or... those neon pink things. I know you ladies know what I'm talking about, but I have no idea what they're called. You draw on them which makes the pink plastic stick to the backing and show up as neon writing... To erase you just flip the plastic flap up... What are those things called?! I think it would be totally cool to learn on one of those. Maybe on special days like Friday!

I'm a big fan of “unschooling” like homeschooling, but learning more through life than a sit down and do lessons sort of gig. Obviously some things need to be taught through study... so I want to mix that with “life experience” teaching methods. Wanna learn biology? Let's go to nature! That sort of thing.

The main idea is I want learning to be fun and CONSTANT. Not an 8-3 deal, Monday through Friday, but all day every day. And fun too! I want my kids to retain their curiosity and creativity, something public school tried to beat out of me on multiple occasions. We'll see how much energy I have when I actually have kids though, haha! I can totally see benefits to public school too that unschooling may not have—a wide variety of socialization, for example, so I've been pretty torn at times, but I think this is what will be best for my family when the time comes.

Obviously, I am going to have to have time to do other stuff too... So, as ideal as it seems to be able to sit one on one with each child and ask verbal questions etc... Especially if I have the four kids I want, it's probably not going to happen. So, I think I will make some of my own worksheets as well as use free ones online.

There is the benefit with worksheets of independent study.... reading skills, patience, determination, discipline. It does have a lot of benefits. And, if my kids are anything like me, a worksheet will be much easier to them than many other forms of work. There is a satisfaction with having a question laid in front of you and finding the solution on your own, so I will use that to my childrens' benefit, I think.

And, if I were to decide they should enroll in public school, or they just wanted to try it... Worksheets would be a good thing to know how to do!

Do you think worksheets for preschoolers are necessary?
Do you use worksheets for your own preschoolers? Why or why not?
Where do you find them if you do?

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I totally agree with that! My parents did a great job of teaching me outside of school. Some of my peers were not so lucky. I just think school won't be the right option for my future family. :)
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