Aly had a blast running around at the gymnastics center today!!!!

    8Theresa Gould
    Glad she enjoyed it!
      So fun!1 We did gymnastics with Mason and Audrey for awhile, but then Audrey broke her arm so I pulled them both out (so she wouldn't be sad when mason got to go) and we haven't started up again yet.

      Do you think you will be going back?
        We're just going to go for the 'open gym' right now because the actual classes are kind of expensive. We just started dance too. So I figure I don't want to do too much & over whelm her. The open gym is just her running around & playing on the equipment & if at some point she wants to do more gymnastics then maybe we'll drop dance. When she gets older if she doesn't want to do something I won't make her but for now I want her to get exposed to things & get the socialization.
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