Planning your own shower

Does anyone else think its weird. I had a friend who planned, booked and paid for all of her own baby showers. I believe she has 2 or 3 kids and she threw herself a shower for them all. To me its just a little weird. Like you are spending all that money to basically tell people they need to buy you stuff. Why not spend that money on the baby itself. She rented a hall and stuff. Its not cheap. It would be different if someone else was throwing it for her. It would just make more sense then. Maybe its just me.

amandaMorrisville, Pennsylvania
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    I had to plan my own shower! I would have loved to have someone throw it for me.
    I feel like every mom deserves someone to throw her at least one :(
    I agree! Sometimes I wish that I would've met moms on here sooner in life!
      I didn't really know anyone where we were at when I had my son so I never had a baby shower because I would have had to plan my own and then find people to invite. Just seemed odd to me.
        I wonder if it actually pays off! I wonder if she gets more out of the showers than she puts in throwing them? She may, especially if it's not her first kid. She could be reusing somethings, re-upping other people to buy her other things. But it does strike me as a little strange to do for one's self. My mom ingrained that into me, though.
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