Cute ways to announce pregnancy

1.Give your husband a puzzle to put together that said, ‘Congratulations on your new arrival!

2.Have a big chocolate chip cookie designed in pink and blue with the words ‘I’m Pregnant!

3.Make him a card that says: Front: It’s All Your Fault. Inside: Congrats, your swimmers won the race. Prize to be claimed in 9 months.

4.Make two t-shirts. Tours says ‘I have a pea in the pod’ with an arrow pointing down. Your husband’s shirt saya ‘I have a bun in her oven’ with an arrow pointing at you.

5.Give him a coupon that said, ‘Redeemable for One (1) Baby—Available February, 2015.

6.Serve baby-themed meal for two, like baby carrots, baby back ribs, etc. to allude to the news

7.Hide a note in a water-proofed container in a bubble bath for two

8.Write “Daddy” in lipstick on your bathroom mirror before he wakes up

9.If you already have one child, you can let everyone know that they're going to be a big brother or sister by posing them with a sign or in this case, a chalkboard. Looks like this little guy is excited about being a sibling!

10.Spread the happy news by putting a bun in the oven ... literally!

Moms Expertise
    Those are fun ideas!
      I love number 5!!!

      I just blurted out the news with the first two because I was so excited. With Hayden, I ordered him a shirt that said "Bun Maker" and gave it to him :)
        I love all these ideas. So hard to pick one. Thank you ladies so much!
          These are great ideas! My husband is determined to not have any more children but he is seriously dragging his feet on going to the doc for the scissors (vasectomy). I would love to have baby #4 so we shall see what happens. We are just as careful with using condoms as we were before and we now have three children. Yes we are using them correctly (no contact before it's covered and no contact after it's off. using lube/spermicide, etc)
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