Feeling like super mom!

Dishes are done, laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away, bedrooms are all cleaned and organized, bathroom is clean with new towels and whatnot, kitchen is clean, living room is clean and somewhat organized (the kids are playing with toys in there right now). Only thing really left to clean are the floors which I wish would learn how to clean themselves. ugh. All in all not a bad day. Just have to make dinner in the next hour or so, bathe the kids and put them to bed then relax. Thinking I might save the floors for tomorrow. :) Oh yeah and maybe I should finally get in the shower. Cleaned everything today but myself. Lol.

amandaMorrisville, Pennsylvania
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    lol. I could use some extra cash. Hint hint lol. I don't know where I got that energy boost from to get all that done today. Could be the fire my fiance lit under my butt by telling me I need to spend less time on here and more time getting things done. Proved him wrong ha! lol Somehow I don't know if I'm the winner at the end of all of this...
      Holy cow! Way to go mama!!!
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