One child families

When and how did you decide that one child was the right number for you? I have always wanted more than one child but i do catch myself realizing benefits of just one. Thought like how will i give all the love i give to my first one to my second because i would have to equal it out between two....maybe that is a crazy thought but it has crossed my mind. So any insight would be helpful, thanks!

    I always wanted more than body however does not really like pregnancy. If I were younger I might think about another one. But I have my little T and my step-son and that is enough :-)
      There are so many benefits both ways. It really comes down to what you and your husband want and the two of you should come to an agreement. That said, you can always decide later that you'd like another child and can adopt if you or your husband are past child bearing age.
        Right now Clara is an only child and I question the same thing alllll the time lol. A part of me loves the idea of just having one and having all of my free time for her. But another part of me wants a big family and for her to have siblings, especially since she loves babies so much! I'd hate for her to not have a chance at being a big sister because I know she would love to. I've got some time to think about it but I've pretty much decided that if she gets to about 7 or 8 and I still haven't had another child, then I won't. That would be too long between them for me so it would just be her at that point :-)
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