Bad Chicken..

I don't really think there is anything worse than living with relatives that don't have any kind of food storage. I like to have stuff and only have to shop once a week. I'm on my last day until payday and we just paid rent so I don't have cash.. I cut into the pack of chicken breasts and gag.. It's gone bad! I don't have a backup plan.
Time to be creative...
Looks like some nasty chicken wings (pre-made frozen wild wings) crispy cheesy tortilla wedges and yellow rice.. Not bad for having a bare kitchen...

    Sounds pretty impressive for a bare kitchen!!
      Im a chef, so bare kitchens make me cry.. All we have in the fridge is milk, water, a yogurt, condiments and a corona..
        8Theresa Gould
        Nice save! My children are always amazed when I make something out of seemingly nothing.
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