There's a movie coming out about the neighborhood I spent my childhood in, Spanish Lake. It embarrasses me a little. I loved spanish lake, and I admit that it's fallen into a terrible place now. We've passed through there a few times in recent years, and each time someone broke into my mom's car. Sirens always are going...etc. But still. It's the tiny racist element of it that makes me cringe. It almost sounds like the film maker is blaming the rise of darker colored people for everything bad that's happened and changed. They almost only interview the white people who left there, like my family did, though mine didn't leave from fear, we left because we wanted an actual house and a more urban area. I loved spanish lake as a kid. I remember playing in the woods, the creeks, riding our bikes on the gravel roads, riding my grandpa's horses, etc. Now people don't dare let their kids out and about with the wild abandon we had. The most embarrassing part though is that all of my relatives from there who've left are all encouraging the spread of the documentary and openly blaming the black population. It just makes me cringe and mentally sidestep away from those relatives.

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    I know! It bugs me. I've blocked most of my family on facebook because they're pretty much the pure-merican people who are...old-fashioned. All they're doing right now is promoting that movie and twisting it all, talking about the "good days" when you'd hardly see a colored person anywhere there. I admit, it was a pretty white place when I was little, but it was not a great place, either. It definitely had its faults! I hate that they're pinning the blame on a specific race. The movie tries to skim over it, but it's there.
      I haven't heard about the film, but it stinks that they are giving your childhood neighborhood that kind of reputation, especially if it is skewed to make good news instead of fact based.

      I'd say just don't watch the movie, but I'm sure if there was a film made about where I grew up I'd have to watch it - good or bad!
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        How sad. It must be disappointing for you.
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