When to stop breastfeeding your baby

When to stop breastfeeding is a decision between the child and the mother. As long as both are comfortable with the relationship, it's totally fine to continue. For some people, breastfeeding is something they would never feel comfortable with and they never start. Others it may be the first few weeks, months, or even a year or beyond.

WHO (World Health Organization) suggests breastfeeding to 2 years of age. There are many proven health benefits to breastfeeding up to and beyond a year.

Mason was breastfed until 9 months. Audrey until she self weaned at around 27 months. Hayden is 14 months right now and is still breastfeeding, though I have started giving thought to weaning her.

How long did you feel comfortable breastfeeding?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    8Theresa Gould
    I nursed over three years of age. I didn't feel comfortable nursing that long with my first but that gradually changed.
      I'd like to aim for at least two years, but I think I'd be comfortable with a bit longer if my body and my child allows it.
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